Scientist in metabolic engineering

Cysbio, Hørsholm

Use your comprehensive knowledge of strain engineering, metabolism, genetic engineering and microbiology to help Cysbio develop and produce biochemicals. And make an important contribution to our long-term goal of reducing our society’s environmental impact though production of novel biochemicals.  

Joining us, you will have ample opportunity to make your expertise count and immerse yourself into lab development work of bacterial strains that will be used in large scale bioproduction. You will be part of an ambitious and fun team in a rapidly developing biotech start-up.

Step into an innovative and entrepreneurial work environment

In our new offices and labs in Hørsholm, you join a team of about ten motivated scientists, that will be gradually expanded as we grow the company. Based on our combined professional expertise, we are developing technologies focusing on bio-based production of biochemicals that find applications in existing and novel markets. We want you to take a strong role in strengthening our strain development process.

Strengthen our strain development process
As the newest edition to our growing team, you will be taking the responsibility of using your skills and expertise to generate improved production strains that will end in our fermentation platform.

Systematic and vigorous experimental design, hand-on experimentation and diligent data analysis is key to succeeding in a workday, where you make your knowledge count. You will:

  • Use your expertise for generating better strains faster
  • Developing next-generation technologies that make strain engineering more efficient
  • Analyze data and communicate learnings
  • Propose hypotheses
  • Design and execute studies
  • Define your experimental setup and involve, collaborate with, and educate the team
  • Work hands-on in the lab
“Not only will you design the experiments, but you are also motivated and eager to execute the ideas and test your hypotheses, to be part of a start-up environment. We move fast from idea, to implementation, to seeing results in the lab-scale production. Gaining a very large area of responsibility you will have a chance to truly make a difference in a growing biotech company. We will work closely together to create results, but you will be the expert we all look to within this area. So, in that sense, you will be instrumental in ensuring our continued success.”
Christian Bille Jendresen
Director and co-founder of Cysbio

Experienced strain engineer

You have a strong drive for delivering results, and you enjoy working hands-on in the laboratory. Communicating with the team, you will also need to have good communication skills, and as a true team player, you have a positive attitude to those around you. You are organized, meticulous and have a high sense of responsibility.

Furthermore, we expect you to:

  • Have a PhD degree and academic or industrial research experience
  • Use your knowledge of high-throughput strain design and generation, modelling-based engineering, enzyme generation, omics, multivariate analysis, automation for DNA cloning / strain screening, and/or alternative approaches to improve strain performance.
  • Have a strong knowledge of biochemistry, microbiology, cloning, enzymology
  • Be fluent in English, speaking and writing
  • Be a skilled software user

It is advantageous if you have additional experiences in other areas such as:

  • Metabolomics, transcriptomics, proteomics
  • Flux analysis
  • Bio-related programming for data analysis or experimental design
  • Genome-scale models or computer-aided design, metabolic network analysis, statistical or mechanistic models
  • Machine-learning
  • Genetics, physiology, population and single-cell behavior
  • Familiarity with small molecule production
  • Work related to concepts as redox balance, energy usage, transport mechanisms, growth rate
  • Enzymatic assays
  • Translate metabolic pathway designs into DNA constructs
  • Screening methods
  • Heterologous pathway expression
  • Fermentation or DSP
  • Sample preparation and analysis by HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, Raman
  • Innovation activities, generation of patentable data

If you have any questions about the position, please contact R&D Director Christian Bille Jendresen at

How to apply?
Please submit a single PDF-file to and include CB20ME in the subject line.

The application should contain in this particular order: your application, resume and diplomas as well as publication list (you may highlight your contributions), list of references and recommendation letters if available.

Tell us why you are the one who can accelerate our strain engineering. You may in particular highlight your successes in your application.

The application deadline is October 1st, 2020, but applications will be evaluated as received.

About Cysbio

Located in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen, CysBio is a metabolic engineering company focused on bio-based production of biochemicals that find applications in existing and novel markets. CysBio was founded in 2019 based on technologies developed at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark, and we apply cutting edge synthetic biology and metabolic engineering technologies for our strain development. We offer a pleasant environment at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm, a competitive salary and opportunities for personal development in Danish companies. For more details, please visit