Project & Administration Manager

If you like to steer challenging projects, can manage and take responsibility for HR and administrative tasks, have some finance experience, is good at writing and planning your time, and not least understand how to communicate with stakeholders internally and externally, then you will be the candidate Cysbio are looking for to take the job as Project & Administration Manager.

Cysbio was founded 18 month ago with the mission to create affordable biobased products to replace fossil fuel dependent chemicals, and to invent and introduce novel technology that can change the world for the better, while at the same time building a great business. We have progressed fast with our technology and is now expanding the company, and we need you to join our team to help us structure and manage the inherent increasing complexity of the many daily tasks. We will charter you with the important assignment to make us more effective by:   

  • Steering and building systems for the EU grants and other grant projects as it relates to budgets, time reporting, external compliance reporting, internal progress reporting and ensure effective communication of results and decisions.
  • Steering bookkeeping and salary payments and other practical financial matters together with an external bookkeeping company – you shall not make the actual accounting, but simply coordinate with external companies.
  • Steering procurement of all laboratory consumables and office supplies and liaise with vendors.
  • Steering HR administrative tasks – employment contracts, result reviews, legal compliance matters, insurance policies, holiday systems and the like.
  • Steering and ensuring GDPR compliance for the company
  • Take charge of and develop the company’s “set of rules” relating to travel, purchase, office behavior and other matters important for a well-functioning office and team, and anchor it all together with HR matters in an easy to use company handbook.
  • Making presentations and visuals for external materials and prospects
  • Assisting with website – over time taking the lead for maintenance

This sounds like a lot and so it is, but we will prioritize the tasks together and find some smart ways to create some effective and practical systems. Initially we expect that the steering of grants will require 25-30% of the time spend.

The skills, education, and experience to master the above tasks can be a combination of many different sets of backgrounds. As the HR tasks are only a smaller part of the job, we do not seek strictly HR experience or people who specifically are looking for an HR position. The weight is on project management and administration.  

Education and experience can be a combination of:  

  • Education within finance, from a business school or administrations bachelor or the like.
  • Experience from work as office manager, project manager or as a PA in a larger corporation.
  • Capable of managing diverse tasks and with the ability to prioritize and plan them well.
  • Experienced in using the usual set of IT-tools – enjoying building effective spreadsheets and making presentations and visual material.
  • An open mind and the willingness to work in a small informal team.
  • Some experience in managing financial tasks (accounting, project planning, business planning).
  • Fluent in spoken and written Danish and English languages.

Cysbio is located in newly renovated facilities in DTU Science Park in Hørsholm where you will work with our growing team (soon to be 16 people) with great opportunity to set your mark on how we best acquire and develop effective processes and systems. You will be reporting to the CEO.    

How to apply

Please submit a single pdf-file to and include CB20PAM in the subject line. The application should contain in this particular order: your application and resume, followed by diplomas, list of references and recommendation letters if available.

The application deadline is October 7th, 2020.

About Cysbio

Located in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen, Cysbio is a metabolic engineering company focused on bio-based production of biochemicals that find applications in existing and novel markets. Cysbio was founded in 2019 based on technologies developed at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark, and we apply cutting edge synthetic biology and metabolic engineering technologies for our strain development. We offer a pleasant environment at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm, a competitive salary and opportunities for personal development in Danish companies. For more details, please visit

Will you be our new Project & Administration Manager?
Henrik Meyer