Industry leaders

We seek collaboration with industry leaders through strategic partnerships for expanding our product portfolio, and to take advantage of the Cysbio technology platform.

Cysbio offers extensive expertise in metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and fermentation processes.  We see our collaborations as long-term investments in future business development.

Horizon 2020

Cysbio has received two grants from the EU’s “Horizon 2020” program. It is our ground-breaking research that has paved the way for these grants, which will accelerate the development work and allow faster product introductions.

One grant – BioBAA – was under the program Horizon 2020, EIC (European Innovation Council) to develop amino acids for use in food and animal feed.

The second grant – ZABIO – was the Horizon 2020, FTI (Fast Track Innovation) program and focused on completion, upscaling, and initial production of zosteric acid (eelgrass acid).

Both programs extended over 30 months and were completed in 2023.

Value of the Horizon programs

In cooperation with EuroCenter DK under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Cysbio has participated in a short-film about the value of the Horizon programs from a business perspective.

Director of Cysbio, Henrik Meyer, gives here an insight into the importance of the impressive grant for Cysbio and the contribution to meeting the company’s goals.

Please note that the film is recorded in Danish and with Danish subtitles.